In 2002 the chef, Jim Adams was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and his life was forever changed.

The “symptoms” Jim had, like leg cramps, oily multiple stools, and the effects of malnutrition he had experienced all of his life, so he thought they were normal.

It had taken his Doctor 8 years to find a diagnosis and he did it by talking to an Gastroenterologist at a seminar both attended and were sitting next to each other. Jim’s Doctor started talking about Jim’s symptoms and the GI Doctor said “He is a Celiac […] get him in for a TTG blood test and when it comes back positive, I will do the Biopsy.”

Jim’s Doctor called him at home that evening to arrange for the blood test. The day after the Biopsy our eating habits changed and Jim became gluten free, and in support, His partner became pretty much gluten free also. That was 12 years ago and the commercial products were not very good. They were crumbly, went stale fast, and the selection was very limited and didn’t taste like the real thing.

Jim made a declaration, “I will starve to death or figure out how to make this food taste like good food should.”

In 2010 Jim’s Partner retired and on January 1, 2011, the G F Chef, Portland’s only 100% gluten free food cart, opened for business. On January 1, 2015, we will be 4 years old and have recently opened an online store selling the flour mixes that have made us so popular.

The mixes include: Biscuit, pancake, waffle and chicken coating.