Beware of the “Gluten Free” Fad

We found yet ANOTHER gluten free fadwagon item yesterday. This time a restaurant in Portland is marketing a “gluten free” pasta that is made from semolina (according to the ingredient list on the package.)

GET A CLUE, FOLKS!! Gluten Free ain’t easy! Joe Blow the rag man telling you that semolina, spelt or anything else is gluten free JUST DOESN’T MAKE IT!! As the manufacturer of a food item, YOU are resposible for ensuring that it lives up to the claim of Gluten Free. This takes a good deal of research, not the uninformed opinion of a friend of a friend.

This applies to all the businesses in the chain, by the way. We found this item being sold at another restaurant which, to their credit, pulled the item from their shelf as soon as we informed them of the problem. The question is, what the hell were THEY doing trying to sell “gluten free” pasta without at least a little bit of research? Just trying to get on the Fadwagon?

Here’s news for you Fadwagon folks. Gluten Free IS NOT A FAD, OR A “DIET.” Gluten Free is a MEDICAL NECCESSITY for several million people in this country. When you apply the term “Gluten Free” to an item, you are using a scientific term. You can be held legally liable for its misuse.

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